We’ve got the Solutions;
so what’s your business or marketing need?

We’ve been there, done it (& got the T shirt) – and we’re still doing it as a Boutique Consultancy providing business solutions.
Click here to find out what’s good about that & what’s in it for you!

The Company

At PharmaSolutions, we’re experienced Business & Marketing Consultants in a Boutique Company who help to meet your Business & Marketing needs.
And we’re pretty good with communicating your messages – whether internally or externally.

So What’s good about that?
What’s in it for you?

Being a Boutique Consultancy means that we can tailor make the solutions to fit your business needs.
We’re all experienced Directors so you get Director level input from the Strategic to the Tactical!

We make your business our business. We give you that expert second opinion & become your “critical friend”.
We have a track record of building client business, marketing & communications success.
We will help you to “cut to the chase” with your business & marketing strategy and help you communicate them.
We know what customers (external & internal) want – because we work with them too!
So that’s what’s in it for you – work with our expert Consultants and it’ll be our business to build your business success.

What We Offer

At PharmaSolutions we don’t hire in, we hire ourselves out.
We are all working Consultants in a Boutique Consultancy
providing knowledge based solutions to Clients’ Business,
Marketing & Communications needs.

We are Board Directors, Strategists, Marketers, Facilitators
& Communicators – with many years experience in the UK,
European & Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industries.

Case Studies

Patent Expiry

The Client, a major Big Pharma Company, was facing a significant patent expiry but needed additional expertise to plan & manage the situation

A series of strategic and tactical option recommendations were produced enabling the client to select and implement the most appropriate business strategy.

Launch not meeting expectations

The Client had launched a strategically important line extension yet uptake was not meeting expectations

An audit of the strategy and campaign was carried out and in conjunction with a number of senior managers within sales and marketing, best practice initiatives were recommended, which when implemented lead to business expectations being met.

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Who We Work With

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