Case Studies

Develop a Marketing Competency Programme

The Client needed support to develop, manage and implement a Marketing Competency Programme

Drawing on previous experience of such programmes, an appropriate template was constructed together with meaningful definitions and worked examples and rolled out across the organisation.

Global Branding Expertise Needed

The Client, a rapidly developing company, realised that it needed additional expertise to develop Global Branding for its new offerings

An experienced Interim Global Branding Director was installed in the Client company for a limited period provide advice, define objectives, produce strategic and operational plans, set up branding processes and create an appropriate marketing infrastructure which was handed over to the Client as a fully going concern.

Product Manager Mentoring Needed

Due head count reductions, the Client Marketing structure was flattened with Brand Mangers reporting directly to Directors, who had little time to provide even “on the job” training and development.

A Brand Managers’ Mentoring programme was developed which enabled brand managers to be mentored in confidence by a very experienced PharmaSolutions Consultant. This included discussing both marketing and personal development issues and challenging brand managers to think of improvements or alternatives in a non threatening or career limiting environment. The enhancement of the skills of the first group was recognised by senior management leading to the programme being rolled out across the company.”Generic” training needs across the group were identified and training programmes on forecasting, brand development, market segmentation and communication agency were delivered.

Portfolio Review Required

The Client, which had grown via a series of strategic acquisitions, had reached a point where all products in the current and future portfolio could not be adequately resourced.

A full portfolio analysis was produced with strategic recommendations enabling the client to focus on those brands, which fitted with strategic franchise intent and delivered the best-projected return on investment.

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Therapeutic Areas

  • HIV
  • Migraine
  • COX-2s
  • Oncology
  • CNS
  • Respiratory
  • Cardiovascular
  • Antibiotics
  • Antivirals
  • Vaccines
  • Allergy
  • Diabetes / Metabolic
  • BPH
  • Narcolepsy
  • GI-Lipid lowering
  • MS
  • Dermatology
  • Anaesthesia
  • Palliative Care

Brand Experience

  • Famvir
  • Flixotide, Serevent, Serevent Copd, Seretide, Becotide
  • Flixonase
  • Respiratory Devices
  • Celebrex
  • Arthrotec, Powergel, Relifex
  • Ziagen, Epivir, Combivir
  • Naramig & Imigran
  • Kytril, Hycamtin, MMPIs
  • Augmentin, Amoxil
  • Zoton, Asacol, Tagamet
  • Ultiva
  • Abelcet
  • Actiq
  • Micardis, Coversyl, Natralix
  • Avandia (early pre-launch), Diamicron
  • Rebif
  • Xatral & Doralese
  • Ditropan
  • Provigil
  • Stilnoct
  • Vaccines, Flu, tetanus, travel
  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Biotechnology “breakthrough products”
  • Fenwal Blood Products
  • Intervet Sheep Brands
  • Everton
  • Neoclarityn
  • Asmanex
  • Remicade

Advertising Campaign Experience:

  • Flixotide “Teddy Bears”
  • Ziagen launch “boys” + later executions
  • Combivir “Hands”
  • Serevent COPD “Swinging Girl”
  • Celebrex launch campaign
  • Seretide launch campaign
  • Micardis “ants” launch campaign
  • Arthrotec “Glove”
  • Powergel “Drill”
  • Flixonase “Cyrano”
  • Flixonase Nebules “New Dawn”
  • Naramig “Easter Island”
  • Imigran “Shark”
  • Provigil “Wake up little Suzy”, “Eye”
  • Xatral XR “Jet /urinal”
  • Stilnoct “Peg man”
  • Masta travel vaccines
  • Cambridge Combinatorial “oyster/pearls”
  • Augmentin “major /minor”,”circus”
  • Famvir “Scattering gremlins,” “Rodin


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