Category: Case Studies

Need for Better Advisory Board Facilitation

A number of Clients required a more professional and therapeutic area focused approach to meeting facilitation to maximise the contribution and input needed from key opinion leaders and patient support groups at Advisory Board Meetings

Pricing Research Needed

The Client who was about to launch a number of Specialist products into niche areas needed an indication of acceptable pricing levels

Shortage of Marketeers

A number of Clients found that due to rapid expansion & reorganisation that there was a need for more operational marketing support to manage the day-to-day business

Portfolio Review Required

The Client, which had grown via a series of strategic acquisitions, had reached a point where all products in the current and future portfolio could not be adequately resourced.

Product Manager Mentoring Needed

Due head count reductions, the Client Marketing structure was flattened with Brand Mangers reporting directly to Directors, who had little time to provide even “on the job” training and development.

Marketing Excellence Process Needed

The Client realised that they needed to revamp their marketing processes and define their vision of marketing excellence in both conceptual and theoretical terms.

Patent Expiry


The Client, a major Big Pharma Company, was facing a significant patent expiry but needed additional expertise to plan & manage the situation

Brand Image Make Over Needed

The Client, realised that its Corporate brand image needed a radical overhaul to enhance its reputation and create further differentiation for its offering