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Our Marketing Philosophy

Our philosophy is that pharmaceutical company business culture should be a seamless market and customer aligned operation, which includes R&D, clinical, regulatory affairs, medical affairs, sales, marketing and business information.

The marketing operation should be built on rational and emotional offerings, which are managed by the integration of a number of parameters.

As shown in the Pharma Impact MarketingTM diagram below, these building blocks can be categorised as business skills, business processes and business culture, which lead into the business core.

In this model the core brand offering is therefore a crystalisation of the marketing culture, skills and processes into rational & emotional values which give the brand competitive edge.

Further illustration of the content of Pharma Impact MarketingTM parameters can be seen by clicking on each box.

To enable this vision to be delivered, a number of key competencies will be required at team and individual level.

Click here to see the headlines of these competencies.

Brand Development – Business Skill Market & Customer Segmentation – Business Skill Market Aligned Planning – Business Skill Performance Management Systems – Business Process Entrepreneurial Creativity – Business Culture Empowered Decision Making – Business Culture Organisational Proactivity – Business Culture Market Intelligence Systems – Business Process Emotional & Rational Marketing Concepts – Business Core

Death of the pharma salesforce?

Roy Carlisle asks whether there is still a place for the medical representative in the new pharma landscape?

Once upon a time, so the story goes, medical representatives were welcomed into surgeries with open arms – even fed a cooked breakfast if you had an early appointment – and given ample opportunity to update the doctor about the disease area and the company’s product ‘solution’.

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Reinventing the pharma salesforce?

How do we ensure future success and a long life for our salesforces? Asks Roy Carlisle of PharmaSolutions.

Last time we discussed how, in Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize winning play ‘Death of a Salesman,’ Willy Loman was the failing salesman who wouldn’t move with the times. If Willy’s attitude could be a metaphor for some out-of-date practices in certain pharmaceutical salesforces, then one key conclusion is that future salesforce structures and roles may need to change. This may require increasingly sophisticated representatives, and more focus will need to be paid to best practice field management of such skills.

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Death of a pharma salesforce?

In Arthur Miller’s 1949 Pulitzer Prize winning play, Death of a Salesman, the central character is one-time successful salesman, Willy Loman. Willy is having a major middle age crisis, resulting in him losing the will to sell and, with his consequent lack of success and fortune, ultimately the will to live.

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The Pharmacy Contract

So what is the pharmacy contract all about?

With the background of the NHS Improvement Plan1 driving more personalised care for patients, with a sharper focus on managing health and wellbeing rather than just disease and more localised decision making, it is understandable that there would be a new vision for better integration of community pharmacy into such an improved NHS.

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Profitable relationships

Roy Carlisle of PharmaSolutions asks: ‘Why would you want an agency?’

Well, let’s be honest, there are times when it seems that there is one major pre-requisite of the successful marketer. That is an ability to be able – in times of crisis – to step into your office cubicle and emerge wearing a blue body stocking tucked into your shorts and a red cape to save the corporate day! And this is, of course, why successful marketers use agencies to provide expert input to both campaign development and its ongoing management.

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Salesforce empowerment

PharmaTimes Magazine sent Roy Carlisle to find out from James Bohan, UK General Manager at Activity Benchmarking, how the company’s new SkillsBenchmarker will help provide a customised measure of representative performance across territory, across region and inter company.

In the UK, various surveys suggest that only 30% of doctors see representatives and for an average of three minutes only. Yet the numbers of representatives seems to be increasing all the time. So how effective is your salesforce at getting access to the customer? And how does it stack up against rival companies in the increasingly competitive healthcare arena?

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Guiding the way

Roy Carlisle of PharmaSolutions says mentoring may provide a means for you to maximise your marketing talent.

Let’s face it. In today’s Industry everybody is moving fast. The global pharmaceutical organisations and their shareholders want growth, delivery of objectives, return on investment and, to paraphrase (a cleaned up) Billy Connolly, they ‘want it all, and they want it now.’ This means that everyone needs to be focused on making sure that it happens as efficiently, profitably and quickly as possible. Which is fair enough. However, if the financial press is to be believed, it is also fair to say that not every company is meeting these investor expectations.

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Building an impactful brand

In his last article, Roy Carlisle of PharmaSolutions explored the field of impact marketing. This time, he looks at the role of communications in building impact for your brand.

Market aligned communication is key to ensuring that customers receive the right message about your product’s values and attributes in as impactful a way as possible. And the best way to maximise the impact of your brand is to select the best possible communication agencies. As Sergio Zyman, former vice president of marketing at Coca-Cola, puts it: ‘Strategy is your job. The job of your advertising agencies is to communicate it effectively!’

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Article from Pharmafile Marketer’s Handbook 2004

Climb the ladder to marketing success

A career in pharmaceutical marketing is likely to be rewarding in itself but can also be your route to the top.

Everything in life is about choice, based on perceived or real needs. For example, we all know that healthcare professionals make a choice to use a given pharmaceutical brand rather than an alternative in their treatment of patients based on what they need and how well they perceive that brand to satisfy those needs. It is of course the marketer’s job to make sure that such customers have all the necessary information to persuade them to use the brand being marketed.

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Deep Impact

Want to try some impact marketing? Roy Carlisle of PharmaSolutions asks the question.

So what is impact marketing all about? It’s about having a vision and having a clear understanding of what you are offering in rational and emotional terms to the customer.

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A brave new healthcare world

Has global branding made global advertising a necessity? Roy Carlisle of marketing consultancy, PharmaSolutions, investigates.

Before we attempt to answer this interesting advertising question, I want you to do something. Think of a number. A big number. Okay, is it as big as 86,000? According to Ries & Ries, this is the number of advertisements the ‘average’ citizen is exposed to in a year.

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No fooling

Far from being April Fool’s Day, April 1 was a really serious day, says Roy Carlisle of
PharmaSolutions. It’s when the new GMS Contract came into force! What are the implications for pharmaceutical marketing?

The General Medical Services Contract? Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if your gut reaction is to turn the page! After all, it’s more fun to work on brand strategy or positioning, or more importantly, to ensure we deliver our ‘numbers’ for the company.

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Is bigger better?

Roy Carlisle of marketing consultancy, PharmaSolutions Ltd, takes another look at what your salesforces will be doing in the New Year and asks what can be done to improve representative measurement?

While 77% of companies intend to increase their salesforce by 2005, ‘such growth has not been accompanied by improvements in salesforce productivity,’ according to a Datamonitor report published in 2001.

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A Christmas call rate

What will your salesforce be doing in the New Year? Roy Carlisle of Marketing Consultancy PharmaSolutions Ltd asks in a reflective festive mood.

So this is Christmas, and what have you done?’ Another year over, and a new one just begun,’ to paraphrase John Lennon’s famous song. And, in the pharmaceutical industry, it is indeed the time of year for looking back and telling good stories!

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The Great Oxford Debate

‘Should the NHS be independent of Government?’ That was the question on everyone’s lips at the eleventh PharmaTimes Great Oxford Debate, which was sponsored by Oxford International.

In one corner of this world-renowned debating chamber, and speaking in favour of the motion, were Professor Brian Edwards, chairman of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, and Dr Trevor Jones, director general of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. Dr Jones had stepped into the breach at the last minute, following the sudden illness of Professor Alan Maynard. Standing firmly on the other side of the dispatch box – and opposing the motion – were former health minister, Lord Philip Hunt, and chief executive of University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust, Mark Britnell.

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Buying Creativity

Roy Carlisle of PharmaSolutions asks if procurement is really your cup of tea?

It all began on a Monday morning at the tea machine as I selected ‘English Breakfast.’ I knew something was brewing when my marketing director cornered me and asked how my weekend had been, although I guessed correctly that his reason for engaging me in conversation was not to receive a blowby-blow account of my social life.

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