Our Marketing Philosophy

Our philosophy is that pharmaceutical company business culture should be a seamless market and customer aligned operation, which includes R&D, clinical, regulatory affairs, medical affairs, sales, marketing and business information.

The marketing operation should be built on rational and emotional offerings, which are managed by the integration of a number of parameters.

As shown in the Pharma Impact MarketingTM diagram below, these building blocks can be categorised as business skills, business processes and business culture, which lead into the business core.

In this model the core brand offering is therefore a crystalisation of the marketing culture, skills and processes into rational & emotional values which give the brand competitive edge.

Further illustration of the content of Pharma Impact MarketingTM parameters can be seen by clicking on each box.

To enable this vision to be delivered, a number of key competencies will be required at team and individual level.

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Brand Development – Business Skill Market & Customer Segmentation – Business Skill Market Aligned Planning – Business Skill Performance Management Systems – Business Process Entrepreneurial Creativity – Business Culture Empowered Decision Making – Business Culture Organisational Proactivity – Business Culture Market Intelligence Systems – Business Process Emotional & Rational Marketing Concepts – Business Core